Who Am I

About Me

Hello there! My name is Felix Zhang.

I am a Full-Stack Developer specializing in Android and Web Development currently based in Toronto. Here is a brief summary about me.

Professionally, I love being able to create solutions that will have a real impact on my clients, I love interacting with different people and learning new things and most of all, I love developing fun things!

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling the globe and experiencing different cultures. Some of my hobbies includes running, cycling, snowboarding, working out and coding to some chill beats.

What I do

My Expertise

Front End Development

HTML/CSS, React, Angular, Laravel & Hacklang (PHP)

Back End Development

Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL & MongoDB

Mobile Development

Java, Kotlin, Ionic & Gradle


JUnit, Espresso

API Development


Database Management

Migration, Integration, Backup

Countries Travelled
Marathons ran
Place to call home
What I Know

My Skills












What I Studied


Seneca College of Arts and Techonology - Toronto, Ontario

  • 3.9/4.0 Cumulative GPA
  • President’s Honour List
  • University of Ottawa - Ottawa, Ontario

    Where Do I Work

    Work Experience

    Full Stack Developer 2020-Present

    Jam3 Inc.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    • Contingent Worker @Facebook Inc.
    • Committed high quality production code to the Facebook internal code base using Hacklang (PHP) and React
    • Lead developer of Novi.com. Organized the launch of the Novi marketing site in various locales simultaneously
    • Lead developer of Novi Newsroom - a robust newsroom experience for Novi.com which utilized advanced fetching and filtering used at Facebook
    • Developer on Facebook Marketplace Microsite and WhatsApp.com
    • Prototyped PoCs using react-three-fiber, which lead to the development of Oculus Resident Evil 4 interactive web experience
    • Directly involved in the co-op recruitment and mentorship program
    • Improved Jam3 internal processes on how work is conducted on the Facebook infrastructure
    • Made contributions to the Jam3 open-source code repository

    Full Stack Developer 2019-2020

    Palomino Systems Inc.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    • Full-stack development using MySQL, PHP, HTML/CSS and JavaScript
    • Developed customized subscription system for client using Stripe API and nightly scripts to manage renewals and process payments
    • Handled large-scale database migration/integration for Sterling Capital Brokers using MySQL, PostgreSQL and PHP
    • Assisted in helping clients with troubleshooting and maintenance

    Android Application Developer 2018-2019

    Muscle Labs Canada Ltd.
    Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

    • Developed high-end, native mobile android application using Android SDK, Java and Gradle
    • Application built to control motors and conduct diagnostics through Bluetooth 4.0 and USB/RS-232 serial port connectivity
    • Implemented various features per client requests such as text and barcode recognition using Google Mobile Vision API, text-to-speech voice recognition, digital signature pad, layout editors, in-app photo capture and photo gallery module using Camera2 and Glide API
    • Conducted unit, integration and operational testing to ensure smooth deployment of the application

    Freelance Android Developer 2018-Present

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    • Developed native android applications using Android SDK and Gradle
    • Utilized modern libraries and frameworks such as AndroidX, Material Design and Firebase
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